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"Darkness at the break of noon..." The Jack of Hearts return to Dark-Thirty Productions!

Dark-Thirty Productions, 11132 Pinehurst Drive, Lakeside

The Jack of Hearts are bringin' it all down to the San Diego area for a good ol' live house concert! Saturday April 21st!

"Under the loving and inspiring leadership of Jimmy Duke, who has been a long-time supporter of acoustic and instrumental music, DARK-THIRTY PRODUCTIONS was born. Taking its name from the time concerts begin, thirty minutes after it gets dark, and nestled amid a grove of swaying eucalyptus trees in the aptly named Eucalyptus Hills section of Lakeside, California, just a 25-minute drive from downtown San Diego, house concerts are held in this tranquil setting some eight to ten times each year, with the help of a group of sponsors and staff."

Tickets can be bought via phone or e-mail. Click the link below!

28th Annual Dylanfest

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Torrance Cultural Center - Torino Plaza, 3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA

The Jack of Hearts are returning to Torrance on Sunday May 6th as part of the 28th Annual Dylanfest!

Andy & Renee have been putting this festival on now for a quarter century, and it's bigger every year! Nearly eight hours dedicated to paying tribute to the the legendary folk/rock icon, with over sixty musical artists set to perform!

From Andy & Renee's website:

"The Dylanfest is a seven-and-a-half hour celebration of the music of Bob Dylan. We started it in 1991 and have been holding the event ever since. The show started with our band and a few friends doing 4 sets of Bob Dylan songs, and it has grown to a 8-hour event with over 50 musicians performing over 60 Dylan songs. Our band, Hard Rain, is the "house band", and we are joined by solo artists, full bands and instrumentalists throughout the course of the day. The show is OUTSIDE at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center in the Torino Plaza. There will be some shaded areas, but bring a hat and sunscreen so you can enjoy the beautiful California sunshine! Bring a jacket for later...In case of rain, the event will go on, and we will move inside."

Tickets $30 in advance (through May 5th) Tickets at the door $35 Kids: $10 (7-14 yrs) VIP Tickets- $100

Come on out and have a great day at Dylanfest with the Jack of Hearts!

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